Social Media Toolkit for Shine Hawaii

Join the movement and make a difference by supporting our Shine Hawaii campaign! Your voice is powerful, and together, we can create positive change. By using the posts provided in this toolkit, you can help us shine a light on the issues that matter most.

How to get involved? Simply download the images and copy below and share them with your networks. Be a beacon of hope and change in the digital world. Your support can make all the difference.

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Light the Sky Banner

Join us in @hoolanapua’s #ShineHawaii campaign! 🌟 

Together we’re raising our voices against human trafficking, bringing hope to survivors, and advocating for change.

Your support can make a real difference. ✨

Let’s turn awareness into action with @hoolanapua! #ShineHawaii focuses on tangible change in the lives of survivors and vulnerable keiki.

Stand with us, support the cause, and be a part of something bigger.


It’s time to unite! Join @hoolanapua and be a part of the Shine Hawaii campaign to ensure every voice is heard and every survivor is supported.

Together, we can build a brighter future.

The stories of survivors are stories of resilience, courage, and hope.

Follow along as @hoolanapua shares the inspiring journeys of survivors, offering support, and strength to those who need it most 🌟

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