Not too long ago, a young girl named Lani* lived in the shadows, her middle school days marred by the darkness of exploitation. But, like celestial navigators following the stars, Ho’ōla Nā Pua emerged as a beacon, illuminating the path for young people like Lani. In the radiant glow of Ho’ōla Nā Pua’s tireless efforts, Lani found her way out of the shadows, embarking on a journey to rediscover her light at Pearl Haven. Your generous support fuels this transformative work, weakening the grip of traffickers and allowing survivors to shine once more.

With every donation, you not only provide sanctuary for victims like Lani but also empower our community through vital training programs. Together, we build vigilant, informed, and proactive communities, preventing more children from falling into the clutches of darkness.

Today, Lani is on a healing journey, embracing her identity and shining brightly through art, song, and self-discovery. Be the guiding light that brings someone home—your support changes lives. Let’s keep the flame of hope burning bright, ensuring a future where our youth can truly shine.

In the United States, a staggering 100,000 innocent children face the horrors of exploitation every year. Here in Hawaii, children, just like Lani, are ensnared in trafficking. They desperately need the love, care, and support that Ho’ōla Nā Pua can offer.

Your annual gift will support our belief that there is hope for children like Lani; that they are worth the fight—that they are loved—that they have a bright future worthy of pursuing.

Can we count on you to be the light to help our youth shine?

Your contribution will support a child’s healing journey at Ho`ola Nā Pua

Community Matters: Advocating Against Human Trafficking with Jessica Munoz of Ho’ola Na Pua
November 27, 2023  29 mins
Tune in to a special segment called “Community Matters” on The Rick Hamada Program Podcast, featuring Jessica Munoz, a dedicated advocate from Ho’ola Na Pua, a nonprofit organization combatting human trafficking in Hawaii. Jessica shares insights into the organization’s mission, initiatives, and efforts aimed at eradicating human trafficking from the local community. Explore the impact of Ho’ola Na Pua’s work, its support programs, and its role in raising awareness to protect vulnerable individuals. Join us as we delve into this crucial discussion about fighting human trafficking and its significance in safeguarding communities with Jessica Munoz on “Community Matters.
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